Ok ,ok so I didn’t really know where so start or how to start for a title  I didn’t want to be weird, so I just put hi although putting hi probably makes me weird anyway.Ok I don’t know what to type about so I’m just going to type about the cupcake I’m eating right now.It’s blue velvet with strawberry frosting and bright red sprinkles you should really try it sometime it’s great .Now I might of just made you get a craving for it or something else sweet,I really don’t like cake or cupcakes at all but this cupcake is (mmm good).You may or may be bored of me talking about cupcakes so let me change the subject. If think I’m some kind of weird crazy adult than your wrong I’m a weird crazy 11 year old well not the crazy part, oh btw that’s crazy with a (K).By the way again if your wondering why my name is (swiftaries) it’s swiftaries because I’m swift and I’m an aries I was going to so (fallatalla) because that’s my nickname but that’s not even close to my name and nobody calls me that.My real nickname well one of them is watermelon,because of my old shoes they were green with pink lace’s, cool huh.Ok so now you know a little bit about me I don’t have anything else to think of that I can type about so I’m done for now. I’m not going to be weird and say ”see you later machachos no afense to those who say that, cause just so you know normal is over rated being weird makes you ,you and cool .Goodbye